Anyone can be baptized at CCCUCC… infants, children, youth and adults. For infants and children, as well as for youth and adults who have never been baptized before, baptism marks their acceptance into the care of Christ’s church, the sign and seal of God’s grace and forgiveness, and the beginning of their Christian faith and life. We do not believe that baptism is necessary to become a Christian or to receive the grace of God, however we do believe that baptism is a meaningful and sacred ritual which enables the one baptized and the larger community to experience the love of God.

If you have already been baptized, the United Church of Christ recognizes the validity of all baptisms, so there is no need for you to be baptized again.  So no matter the denomination and no matter the mode of baptism (sprinkled, poured or immersed), our church honors  your baptism.

Typically children raised in a UCC church are baptized as infants and then around eighth grade go through a confirmation class to make their own decision about their faith and to “confirm” the baptism that occurred when they were too young to understand it.  When a young child is baptized, her or his family along with the church community commit to raise her or him in the faith until she or he can make her or his own decisions about it.


If you are interested in learning more about baptism at CCCUCC, please see the minister or call the church office.