Serving the Community

KCUCC believes that the teachings of Jesus require us to work in our community through concrete acts of service and sacrificial giving of our resources.  Throughout its history, our congregation has responded to the needs of its community in various ways, such as responding to the HIV/AIDS crisis by creating a major annual fundraiser for Good Samaritan Project and starting a childcare program for teenage mothers at Southwest High School.  Today, we continue our work serving our community through a variety of ways.

Church Out of Bounds

Church OOBOn each fifth Sunday, the church leaves the building.  We have an abbreviated worship service, grab a quick lunch and head out to serve a local organization that helps people in need.  Church Out of Bounds days have served United Inner City Services and Benilde Hall.  These are exciting events when the members of our congregation from children all the way up to seniors work together to serve others.

Noisy Collection

At various times during the year, the children of our church take up a “Noisy Collection” for organizations that help people in need.  Church members are asked to save their spare change for Noisy Collection Sundays (although the kids gladly accept quiet contributions of bills and checks too).  Funds raised have gone to organizations like the Heifer Project and the Center For Inclusion.


KCUCC members partner with various organizations to advocate for issues of justice, such as quality education for all, sensible gun laws, LGBTQ rights, overcoming racial discrimination and fair hiring practices.  You may find KCUCC members at rallies outside City Hall or lobbying state legislators in Topeka or Jefferson City.


Members of KCUCC serve on boards and volunteer for a number of organizations around Kansas City.  Our members have learned that often these organizations are most in need of fundraisers, so our church has responded to that need.

Since the HIV/AIDS crisis, our church has annually put on a gourmet dinner fundraiser for the Good Samaritan Project.  For years, the gourmet dinner was GSP’s major fundraiser.  Now that GSP has many different fundraising events, beginning in 2014 the gourmet dinner will raise funds for Literacy Kansas City.

Every December, KCUCC transforms its building into a German Christmas Market called Kristkindl Markt–complete with German food, beer and music.  For over twenty years KKM has been a Kansas City tradition, and every year children come and make gingerbread houses.  The donations raised from the gingerbread houses go to support Operation Breakthrough.